The Reddys

Hello There!

It’s great to see you! We are thrilled that you have found your way here!

Life's too short for what if's, right?

The Reddy family is embarking on a journey of a lifetime. We’ve sold our house, packed away our belongings, and condensed our lives down to fit into a 7,5m long mobile home. From our hometown of Kuopio in central Finland, we will spend nearly 8 months on the road driving to Torrevieja in southern Spain in a Challenger 396 mobile home.

8 months - 15,000km - 8 countries.

We’ll drive across Europe to visit Jake’s family for Christmas, before turning around and making our way back home to enjoy Finland waking up from its winter hibernation and exploding back to life in spring.

We’ve jumped into the deep end with this one! With no previous experience with life on the road, this is going to be exciting and interesting! But we are ready to live this chapter in our lives and learn as we go.

So who are we?

From our home country of Finland, we are your average weekend warriors who enjoy the simple comforts of life. Slow mornings, play dates in the park, and early bedtimes.



Bundle Of Joy

What's this blog about?

We never could have imagined at the beginning of 2022 that we’d be packing our life away and moving into a mobile home. It’s been a long road to get here and we have an even longer road ahead.

This is a lot for us and a little bit for you, we want to keep a diary of this exciting journey we are embarking on. Such a grand adventure demands more than just a photo album, This is a compendium of memories and experiences for us (and you) to enjoy.

We are so excited to welcome you to follow along with us on our adventure where we forge unforgettable memories, have some good (and bad) experiences, and spend a lot of time learning. Maybe we can inspire you to take that leap into the unknown.