How It All Started

It’s time to start our grand adventure of traveling from Finland to Spain in our mobile home. But first, let’s dive into how we got here.

We are Jake, Minna, and Olivia, a family of three who has been enjoying the simple things in life. Our main activities for the past three years have been playing in the parks, getting up way too early in the mornings, and enjoying family life in general. Before having Olivia, we have done some travelling in Europe but definitely nothing this grand and adventurous. 

Back in January 2022 we were hoping to make some time to be able to visit Jake’s family in Spain as we hadn’t seen each other since the birth of our daughter Olivia in 2019. Originally, we were thinking about flying to Spain and spending only a few weeks there. But then on one cold winter evening while enjoying the sauna we started a discussion that would snowball into this life changing journey. 

"Why limit ourselves to a few weeks, why not a few months? Half a year? Wouldn't it be amazing to spend a longer period abroad. Olivia is still young."

We all got very excited, Olivia included! 

We started checking out how much it would cost to rent an apartment for six to eight months in Torrevieja where we would have been spending our time and holy moly were they expensive! It was time to do some financial calculations to see what we could actually afford. The idea brew a couple of more weeks and we did start to think that do we really want to spend half a year in just one place when there is so much more to see. Also the accommodation costs were starting to look too expensive for us. In addition, we started to think how on Earth are we going to keep a 3-year-old toddler entertained for half a year abroad without her toys, bicycle and other fun things she had been enjoying in her life so far and how are we going to get those things to Spain. 

We had been thinking on selling our house one year earlier already and we already had contacted a few real estate agents to get price evaluations for our property, but we decided to postpone selling it due to Covid19 situation back then. But in March 2022 we decided to go all in and we put our house on sale. Our agent sold the house quicker than we anticipated and our trip to abroad was one step closer becoming real. 

We came to the conclusion that renting an apartment and shipping our hobby gear to Spain was too expensive and that we didn’t want to spend half year in just one place, it was time to think about alternative options. One day while walking to the park, a mobile home drove past us and we looked at each other: THAT WAS IT! A mobile home would tick all the boxes that we wanted to do; see multiple different places, get all our hobby gear with us and it would solve the accommodation problem as well. That was when we decided that we are definitely going to drive to Spain!

Here we are now, starting our once in a lifetime adventure and making memories as that’s what life is all about. ❤️ We hope that we can inspire others to jump to the deep end and make bold moves when life offers them. 

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